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Halawa (Halva)
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It offers a genuine festival of flavours.

Familiar, exciting flavours. Exotic, refreshing and challenging flavours like, vanilla, cocoa, peanut, almond, pistachio. Flavours that will excite you. Flavours that fit in every moment of the day in every occasion.

Cyprus Halawa (Rikkos) has no limits in imagination and inspiration. It always opens new ways and challenges new temptations but always concentrated on quality and respect for the consumer.
This is why every time you choose Cyprus Halawa (Rikkos) you choose quality and genuine taste.
Because Cyprus Halawa (Rikkos) is among the best ones for years now.

Halawa Plain (Vanilla flavour) Ingredients: Tahini, sugar, vanilla. Halawa with Peanut (Vanilla and peanut flavour) Ingredients: Tahini, sugar, vanilla, peanut. Halawa with Cocoa flavour (Vanilla and cocoa flavour) Ingredients: Tahini, sugar, vanilla, cocoa. Halawa with Pistachio flavour (Vanilla and pistachio flavour) Ingredients: Tahini, sugar, vanilla, pistachio.
Halawa Plain (Vanilla flavour) Halawa with Peanut Halawa with Cocoa Halawa with Pistachio
Storage Temperature: Store in cool places
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