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Hulled Sesame Seed
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During the sesame washing procedure the water that is being used must have the characteristics of drinkable water according to the decision made by the Ministry. This is assured with constant chemical and microbiological analyses.

Special importance is given to the absence of heavy metals and micro-organisms. Then there is a general cleansing of the sesame through a cleaning machine. After that we have the automatic peeling and separation of the peel from the seed. All these are done by the latest European washers made out of stainless steel which are specialized for sesame.

The procedure continues with the sesame going through special dryers in order for the sesame to dry out. Then it gets in the special industrial ovens to be baked. The basic principles during the baking of sesame are temperature and time. This is a very critical point for the absence of pathogenic substances at the final product. The sesame must also obtain the desired colour and flavour while maintaining the suitable humidity. If baking is not done with the suitable procedure there is a chance of not getting the desired outcome in what concerns the organic characteristics of the final product. This is a problem that can not be solved later. That is why a constant stirring system is applied during the baking procedure so that there is uniform distribution of temperature at all points.

There are also regular inspections for the appropriate function of the ovens. In the end, when the baking of the sesame is over the product goes through a metal detector for the safety of the consumer.

Storage Temperature: Store in cool places
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