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Tahini of Houmous
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The Cyprus Tahini is exclusively manufactured under strictly chosen varieties of sesame which are peeled, cooked and grinded in a traditional way using stone mills and European automatic mills without adding any chemicals, conservatives or any other additional substances.

Under excellent hygiene conditions and safety measures, and following international standards A.M. Armeftis (Rikkos) by applying a quality system produces Cyprus Tahini at a modern factory in Limassol – Cyprus and it air tightly packs it in any packing requested.

Cyprus Tahini (Rikkos) constitutes the perfect way of reception of all nutritious ingredients of sesame therefore contributing in the good function of the organism. The unique combination of proteins, amino acids, vitamins and trace elements provides the organism with power and energy.
It deters the accumulation of cholesterol, it contributes in the conversion of fat into energy, and it ensures the good function of the liver, the nervous and the digestive system.

Cyprus Tahini (Rikkos) effectively contributes in the maintenance of good physical condition of the organism and to long life. Cyprus Tahini (Rikkos) is an oil cream which comes from grinded, peeled and fried sesame.

It is the basic ingredient of Halva and it is mostly well-known in the countries of Middle East as a basic ingredient of a lot of famous dishes and salads. It is a natural product which is produced without any additives and it constitutes a complete healthy diet.

There are plenty ways you can enjoy Tahini and they are offered throughout the day. Try it with your breakfast mixing it with honey or marmalade or mixing it in refreshing salads or with hot soups and ... bon apetite.

White clean roasted sesame. No additives, chemicals or conservatives
Storage Temperature: Store in cool place
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